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5 Tips to Price Your Home for Sale in Charlotte, NC

As any resident knows, Charlotte, NC is one of the most enjoyable places to live in the United States. Its friendly people, climate and many amenities attract buyers from all over the country. Today is an excellent time for someone who lives in this beautiful location to sell his or her home.

If you are a seller, there are important things that need to be done to make your home a hot item on the real estate market. The following are some tips that will help you obtain the price you want for your property.

Charlotte Home For Sale

1. Get Rid of Junk

This is the time to go through the house, garage and other buildings and start discarding things that are no longer needed or useable. Start with the house and dispose of anything that you no longer want, can use, or need. If something is in good shape, give it to a non-profit organization. Get a receipt and the value can be taken off your tax return. Have a trashcan handy and discard books, magazines, worn out clothing, plastic containers and anything else that you do not want or really need.

2. Make Needed Repairs

Paint is cheap. Repainting a room that shows stains, damage, or just looks old can make a huge difference in the selling of a home. The first thing potential buyers see, upon entering a house, is its overall condition. If wallpaper is peeling off the wall, you need to re-paper, which is not too difficult to do. Anything that is rusted or stained must be replaced. Other things that help are replacing broken tile, discarding damaged floor coverings, repairing damaged steps, mending broken boards and so forth.

3. Fix the yard

The first impression that a buyer has, when they leave their car, is the condition of the yard. Make sure the grass is cut, shrubs are trimmed and leaves are in a compost pile. Purchasing a few plants at the nursery and planting them in appropriate places will be an added attraction.

4. Call an Expert

If you have a leaking pipe, missing shingles, an air conditioner, or other large appliance that is not in good operating condition, call a professional. No one will purchase a home that does not have everything in good working order so this is something that absolutely must be done unless you sell “as is” and receive a fraction of what you can receive by spending a little bit of money.

5. Clean, Clean, Clean

To sell a home quickly and at a good price it must be spotless. Some people, if they know a potential purchaser is coming, will put cookies in the oven or brew something on the stove that puts a delightful odor throughout the premises. This odor will penetrate the atmosphere and present a ‘cozy’ feeling. Everything should be scrubbed and polished until it shines and presents a picture of what a purchaser envisions as his or her own home.

Selling Your Home

If you have any questions about selling your home or have been thinking about it for a while, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to talk to you!

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