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    6 Things Your Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You

    Most of us have had some experience with a real estate agent in our lives at one point or another, whether it was from finding a quick rental to purchasing your first home. We all know the common sayings, like “You need to stage your home,” or “Get rid of the clutter when selling.” However, unbeknownst to you, there are some things that your real estate agent probably didn’t mention when selling your home. And let’s not forget some of the tips and suggestions they might have held back out of manners. Customs and traditions go a long way, but for the sake of this article, we’re throwing all those out. We’re exposing the real estate tips that might seem rude and wrong to say out loud, yet really valuable to your real estate experience.

    Real Estate Tips You Don’t Hear Often

    1. Plug-in Air Fresheners are a Turnoff to a Lot of People — Of course you want your home to smell great, but you probably didn’t realize those sharp odors every air freshener kicks out might not be to the home buyer’s tastes. In fact, they can be a sign you’re trying to cover up something. If you really want them to have a great experience with your open house, bake some chocolate chip cookies right before a showing. I guarantee the smell of those delicious treats will go a longer way than any air freshener can.

    Charlotte Cookies

    2. Beware of Seller’s Agents Who Overestimate Your Home’s Value — Every real estate agent should utilize a comparative market analysis (CMA) when gauging at what price to list your home. With this, they can see what other similar homes sold for and what potential your property has. Any real estate agent who is offering to list your home at a drastically higher price is just hoping you’ll choose them. In our field, we call it “buying your listing,” and you can expect your home to sit on the market for a while.

    3. If a Buyer Wants to See Your House in 15 Minutes Unexpectedly, Let Them In Even If It’s Messy — Almost every real estate agent will hound you to keep your house clean all the time, though we know this isn’t possible. If your house is a little messy, let them in anyways. A buyer that moves at last-minute might mean they are impulsive and will make quick decisions — like buying your house today.

    4. Houses Without Furniture Don’t Look Larger — Yeah, you can walk around the whole room without obstruction, but the home buyers can’t imagine living there. Furniture helps put buyers into perspective. It helps them see what the house is like when living there, and that is drastically important. Don’t leave your house empty. Make it look like a home and it will sell faster.

    Charlotte Home Staging
    by Absolute Makeover

    5. Clear Off the Counter Tops In the Kitchen & Bathroom — The last thing any home buyer wants to see while touring your house is all your personal items on the bathroom sink. Clear it off and let the home buyer see the ample amount of space you have with your counter tops.

    6. If Your Neighbor’s Lawn is Looking Ragged & Overgrown, Cut it for Them — You want your home to have nice curb appeal because it’s the first thing a buyer is going to notice. But if your neighbor’s yard is looking pretty miserable, the home buyer might not want to live next to them. Cutting the lawn for them will benefit you in the long run, despite the extra work.

    Selling Your Home

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