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    Distinguished Schools in Charlotte, NC

    When considering an area to reside in there are many factors that will lead individuals to choose the place best suited for their situation. For this reason people are extremely careful when researching aspects about a neighborhood. Parents especially must be extremely cautious when seeking a neighborhood to reside in, given the fact that they must make sure that their children’s needs are met.

    And it is because of this, school systems are a vital part of the process for a parent choosing the right area to reside in for their children. One great city for a parent to consider for educational purposes is Charlotte, NC. In Charlotte, a parent can find some high quality public schools that will give their children a very good and solid education.

    Great Schools to Consider

    Ardrey Kell High School is a school that parents and students in the community rave about. Ardrey Kell challenges their students to strive for academic success; and prepares them for furthering their educational and life journey. The experience at this school is revered as life changing and life preparing.

    Community House Middle School is a learning institution for grades 6 through 8 that ensures students a high quality academic experience. From 2009-2012 students in Community House tested well above state average in reading and math. It is a diverse community of students that will also help students in their social growth as they learn to communicate effectively with others from all walks of life.

    Bain Elementary School is the perfect academic institution for students to begin their academic journey. Bain’s students have scored well above state levels in reading and math tests for the past few years. It is no wonder why parents speak of this school in high regard.

    Quality Education in Charlotte, NC

    These are just some of the great schools that Charlotte, NC has to offer in order for children to receive a high quality education. Parents will do well to have their children be a part of the educational system in this great city.

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