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    Featured Neighborhood: Foxcroft in Charlotte, NC

    It is very rare that a community can exude a luxurious feel while at the same time encompassing homes for sale suitable for a variety of budgets. This is what Foxcroft in Charlotte, NC offers to potential homebuyers who desire an amazing residential property in an equally amazing community. So whether you are seeking your first home to purchase, or you are looking to upgrade to a more extravagant residence Foxcroft has exactly what you are looking for.

    Foxcroft in Charlotte NC

    The Beauty of Foxcroft

    Foxcroft is a friendly and warm welcoming community full of southern hospitality by residents who live there. The diverse population contributes to the enjoyment of individuals from various walks of life. The community itself is overwhelmingly well-kept boasting manicured landscapes and clean streets. The safety of the community is clear and evident giving parents a sense of relief knowing their children are residing in a place where they can enjoy the outdoors without fear of negativity surrounding them.

    Foxcroft has many great places for enjoyment within the community for the entire family. One of the main attractions is the Foxcroft East Racquet and Swim Club. There people of all ages can enjoy a multitude of swimming and tennis programs for all levels of experience. Residents can also enjoy fine dining and personal luxuries such as spa treatments in places within and in close proximity to the community.

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    Homes In Foxcroft

    Homes in Foxcroft have a wide range of listing prices suitable for individuals of all economic means. No matter the home being sought out, properties in Foxcroft have spacious bedrooms, beautifully designed interior finishes, spacious bathrooms and living room/dining rooms that are perfectly suited for entertaining. You are sure to find your dream home within the confines of this great community.

    The Advantage of Living in Charlotte

    Charlotte is the 17th largest city in the U.S. And it boasts the second largest amount of assets for any city in the U.S. (only trailing New York). Charlotte is great place for experienced and up and coming professionals to partake in a prosperous career. This city is indeed on the rise in regards to great places to earn a living.

    There is no doubt that Foxcroft in Charlotte, NC is a great landing spot for your desired dream home. The luxurious accommodations coupled with the great opportunities in the city makes this community a must place to be.