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Great Charlotte Neighborhoods for Doctors

Relocating can be an arduous task, and for doctors that task becomes a little more difficult when trying to find a great home near a hospital. If you’re seeking a home located close to your place of work (in case of any emergency situations), then consider some of the following neighborhoods in Charlotte. They’re all situated around top-rated hospitals in the city while still offering all the luxury of comfortable living.

Chantilly in Charlotte NC

Chantilly Neighborhood:

Chantilly is an historic community within Charlotte, North Carolina. It is located within Mecklenburg County, which typifies the charming southern environment. Chantilly is filled with oak tree lined streets, cottages, and large historical, architecturally designed homes, which have been updated with modern kitchens, baths and additional living space. Shops, restaurants, and businesses, are all within walking distance. Chantilly hosts a beautiful, large park known as Chantilly Park where families come together to walk the dog, relax, and have fun. The Chantilly Presbyterian Hospital and other neighborhood medical care facilities are located throughout the community, but major medical institutions are located in and around uptown Charlotte.

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Elizabeth Neighborhood:

The community of Elizabeth is one of Charlotte’s very active, yet historic areas. A charming street car track has been reconstructed for residents and visitors. All businesses, schools and homes are within a five minute walk. Each street in Elizabeth is an oak tree covered canopy where the southwest streets of Randolph Road and 4th Street come together. The west and north sides of the Elizabeth community contain Independence Boulevard and the American Legion Memorial Stadium; a clear running creek to the East, and the historic avenues of Elizabeth and 7th Street. The Randolph Road area houses smaller medical offices and clinics, as well as two major hospitals, known as Presbyterian Hospital and Mercy Hospital. The Presbyterian Medical Center, located on Hawthorne Lane, is rated as one of the nation’s quality hospitals in diagnostic testing and cutting edge treatments. Elizabeth’s Mercy Hospital, located on Vail Avenue, has been serving the Charlotte area for over 100 years. Mercy is an adult acute care facility with advanced specialty services in orthopedic, bariatric surgery and pelvic health.

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Dilworth Neighborhood:

Dilworth is a charming Charlotte, North Carolina community whose homes are so varied, historical and stunning, that an annual Dilworth Home Tour is one of Charlotte’s vacation tour experiences. The community of Dilworth contains updated single family homes, two-story Queen Anne and colonial homes, townhomes, condominiums, and bungalows. The streets of Dilworth are covered with age old oak trees that provide shade in the summer and a colorful scenic view in the fall. Dilworth was developed as Charlotte’s first suburbs and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Dilworth hosts Charlotte’s largest hospital, the Carolinas Medical Center (“CMC”). The CMC is a famous North Carolina teaching and research hospital whose specialized care covers Women’s Services, Neurosciences, Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Trauma and Surgery.

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