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    NEW Next Steps in Career Visioning

    Thank you for submitting your resume to High Performance Real Estate Advisors (HPREA). If you were sent a link to this page, it means we would like to consider you further for an open position on our team.

    Please watch the video below for an overview of our Career Visioning process including the various assessments you will be asked to take. Once you have watched the video, please carefully follow the instructions below … there are 2 steps to take in order to move forward in the interview process, please complete both and we will be in touch!

    1) Complete the DISC Assessment at (see instructions below)

    2) Complete the Keller Personality Assessment or “KPA” (email sent separately)


    1 – Instructions for DISC Assessment

    Please read through the instructions below and complete the online Abelson DISC assessment.

    • Please allow 20 minutes to complete this assessment. Make sure you take the “SALES” version of the assessment.
    • Go to The Abelson Group web site main page: On the Home Page, click on the icon, “Take an Assessment”. After you read the Assessment Instructions, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “I Agree”.
    • When you are asked for your “Response Link,” type in 269991HRQ then click “Start.” Read the Welcome page and then click the “Next” button.
    • Complete the “TTI Talent Insights – Sales (R4) (Direct)” Version. To begin, click on “Complete Now” next to the assessment.
    • Complete your personal information and check the box that you have read and understand the agreement. Click “Next”.
    • Read the assessment instructions and click “Next” to begin assessment. Answer the questions and click “Next” at the bottom of each screen.
    • After you have completed the assessment click “Save”. A report will be sent to the account holder after you complete the assessment.


    2 – Complete the Keller Personality Assessment

    To be sure you are well suited for the position you applied for, we would like for you to conduct a job fit assessment. It’s called the Keller Personality Assessment (KPA). The KPA helps us understand your unique talents and personality traits and helps us align your personal goals with our business growth. At HPREA, we want to find the right players for our team and to put them in the right positions. A separate email will be sent to you with instructions on what to do to complete this assessment. Please note that this assessment forms the basis of our time together in the in person interview process.